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Technical Issue Resolved

Kaison posted Mar 29, 14
I apologize to those of you who thought that the new MineLegacy server was out today! It appears I made a mistake in the domain and it seemed to take you to a server named "Dark Ages" rather than MineLegacy using play.minelegacy.com. Just to make things clear, "Dark Ages" is NOT the new MineLegacy! The real, and brand new MineLegacy will be released May 2, 2014.

The issue has been fixed and the IP should no longer take you to "Dark Ages" within the next 12-24 hours. Thanks Doodledoo7000 for notifying me of this problem! In the meanwhile, you can all expect a preview of one of our developed games for the server next weekend!

Sorry for the inconvenience,
Kaison :)

nightkreeper3000 Yo kaison uhm didn't you say u will make a new header cause u kinda kept my one.....
fynngentle and kaison, thank you.
fynngentle lol i mentioned that to solki guy of however you spell it

Forums Now Open!

Kaison posted Mar 22, 14
I have decided to open the forums today to allow the community to rejoice and begin giving feedback as I release new content and previews to what will be available on the server once it opens! I do not have much to announce at the moment, but make sure to keep up to date with the forums and news where i'll constantly be posting previews, etc. My current goals are focused on completing the site for the moment and completing the server 1 game at a time. I may or may not request help from whoever is up for it to help build up the arenas and spawn necessary! A trailer video that should be posted on YouTube is also planned before release to pump everyone up for what is to come!

You can now visit the forum by clicking Forum on the top navigation bar or going to www.minelegacy.com/forum

Thanks for coming by and have fun exploring the forums,

Kaison <3

da169447 you should make a build application so if the time comes you have your few to pick from. but i am willing to help build ...
ImDicey_ Well Its Not Up To You Guys If He Bring Back Skyblock. Yes I Love Skyblock But Sometime Changes Are Good For Us And The ...
Natedog13579 Guys, Kaison is thinking about keeping skyblock, so...
Hello crafters, miners, raiders, etc! My name is Kaison, aged 23 and from the United States and I have just purchased ownership of the MineLegacy Network from the previous owner. I am very experienced with Javascript and the Bukkit API (custom plugin coding in other words). I have owned smaller servers in the past, nothing huge or special like this. Most of my time in the Minecraft community has been spent developing plugins on Bukkit and messing around with mods and what not in Single player. Minecraft to me is a side hobby and something to have fun with and spend time on. I have enjoyed it for the last 2 years and continue to do so. RasecLOG, the previous owner, mentioned to me a few days ago on Skype that he was selling the network. I decided to buy it and have a little fun with it. I am not sure he has a good bye message for all of you, but if he does, I will be sure to update this post!

What will be changing?

Everything! I decided to change MineLegacy's path for the greater. Instead of bringing back the old original servers, I have decided to make MineLegacy a complete sack of mini-games and other fun modes in Minecraft including Survival Games, Capture the Flag, Mob Arena, Bow Spleef, Kit PvP, Infection, and much more!

No, ranks or whatever RasecLOG has sold to you will not be kept because of how the structure of the network will be changed. The website design and content will also be changed and you look can forward to all these changes being finished in the next 2 months.

The staff team will also be changed. I will not be looking for any new staff members for everything in the server will be automated. I may open applications for 3 or 4 moderators after the server is opened.

The IP for the server will now be PLAY.MINELEGACY.COM. However, the server is not opening for another 2 or so months. Until then, I will be posting previews and updating the site with new content and maybe a few events before the server opens!

Forgot to mention this! All bans placed during the ownership of RasecLOG will be revoked. I also do not plan on using the same banning system he was using, but procedures may remain the same.

Hope to hearing from all of you, Kaison.

LolDudeMC Isn't Lost starting a new server though? I applyed
Helias_ I also HIGHLY recommend any of the previous staff for staff on the new minelegacy, they are very experienced and would b ...
Helias_ This server looks great! I am very happy a more responsible person has taken it over from the self centered RasecLOG. Bu ...
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