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MineLegacy BETA Update

RasecLOG Admin posted Mon at 2:31
Thank you all for joining us on Saturday morning's beta launch of MineLegacy! We will be releasing bug fixes and adding new content gradually during maintenance breaks during the next few days. During this time, you may experience short down times or lag spikes. The server will be running smoothly by Friday July 25th!

We have certainly been receiving complaints about missing ranks. Missing ranks will be give back once all bugs are fixed. This is meant to prevent further bugs from developing and to make sure the ranks work.

The following bugs have been fixed...

Green = Fixed    Red = Being Worked On

• "/Spawn" command does not work
• Factions are able to claim the spawn
• Players are unable to teleport in the spawn if an enemy player is nearby
• Gems are too easily obtained in Mob Arena
• Players have Creative Mode in the Aether
• It is too easy to travel between worlds
• Players are unable to speak in global chat
• Players are able to spam the chat
• Players can obtain free gems using alt accounts
• AFK notices are too often; are not limited to ranked players only
• Players are unable to use Warps
• Players are unable to catch mobs using eggs
• Players are spawning on their faction home rather than the spawn
• There is no limit on max faction power
• Many MCMMO abilities are not functioning
• Gems are too easily obtainable in the economy
• Faction names are not appearing by username
• Ranked players are still missing their ranks
• Quests are nonexistent
• Server NPCs are nonexistent
• Chairs do not work
• Staff do not have their ranks
• Players are able to advertise
• Players have access to Bukkit:me command
• Announcements are nonexistent
• Players are unable to use several commands in Mob Arena
• Voting is not functioning
• Aether is not loading
• Players lose power in Mob Arena after death
• Fire spread is on
Quinten12_NL Hey Rasec, this post says that voting works now but it still doesn't work!
_Derpasaurus_ Hey Rasec! I'm not sure if this is a bug but I seem to lose faction power every time I die in the Mob Arena. Just though ...
SwaggaBoy627 @ MineLegacy
Rasec, do you mean Friday July 25th? Lol

Server Released!

RasecLOG Admin posted Sat at 0:37
The MineLegacy server BETA is now open!


The server is open for anybody to join and play. Please note, this is a beta and there are several features missing. In addition, you may experience short lag spikes and occasional server maintences. We will be adding features gradually as updates to make sure there are no problems! Missing features does include missing ranks. The next update will be released on July 20th which will include ranks.

Please report any bugs/issues in the forums!






Sayinq Out of curiosity, when will Ranks be passed out?

Release Date, Staff Team, & Event!

RasecLOG Admin posted Thu at 0:10

Server Release Date!

The first of our server network will open this Saturday July 19th @ 12:00 AM EST! Join us for grand opening events such as drop parties, double XP, and more! A 15% discount will be available the first week on the shop as well that will apply to all items and ranks! If you have applied to recover your rank, you will have it upon connecting for the first time.

I would like to thank DemonicShadow_, Bikyouboy, Oziot, Aarup_123, da169447, XxMillsxX, & Shadow_Knight63 for participating in the trailer and helping out in a scene.

A remake of the server trailer will be available soon after server opening.

New Staff Team!

I would like to introduce you to the new staff team of ML! Many of you will recognize these members of our community of whom been with us for quite some time and have been a staff member in the past. These members are very well experienced, mature, and have potential. There is still a consideration to bring back Palm_ and Hypoxi_ as staff members after having a few discussions with them.

Your new staff team...








Twitter Event

I'd like to announce a Minecraft account give away! Entering is as simple as following @MineLegacyMC and spreading the word about the upcoming server and our give away using #MineLegacyGiveAway. A winner will be chosen on Friday August 1st to receive the account via email.

Butterboss787850 ML has changed a lot, and I just wanted to say I'm glad that ML will be back and even better than before! Super thanks t ...
LolDudeMC Villi! ...
DemonicShadow_ GM
DemonicShadow_ @ MineLegacy
Thank you Rasec for believing that I am ready for this position. I promise I won't let you down!

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